Toronto Police ticketing runners and cyclists again, while Toronto roads in the city are out of control

Toronto Police ticketing cyclists.

The Toronto Police are getting more bad press. Ever since Toronto Police publicly admitted to failing to enforce road safety in the city of Toronto, citing budget restraints, road traffic accidents have doubled and it is now a leading city for road traffic fatalities. We often catch these police officers sleeping on the job, and handing out armbands as they blame pedestrians for being hit. Under the current Mayor John Tory, traffic accidents and deaths from car accidents have grown each year.

These pictures show armed cops looking for runners and cyclists exceeding 12 MPH (20KM/h) on designated bike lanes in a Toronto park.

Later in the day, they were seen ticketing cyclists on bike lanes for not fully stopping at stop signs.


People from Toronto are known for taking an aggressive and malicious stance towards cyclists. Sadly is not a pleasant city to visit if you don’t have car to get around in.

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