Toronto Police admit failing to enforce road safety, instead hand out arm bands

Earlier this week, the Chief of Police for the city of Toronto, Mark Saunders announced that his force have not enforced traffic safety laws since 2013. This has lead to tragic increase in pedestrian and cyclist deaths in the city.

There is a growing concern as thousands of people are hit by cars each year in Toronto, sometimes left for dead as people watch them die on road. Earlier this week, Christye “Pink” Tingey was riding her bicycle near Stevenson Road and Laval Drive where she was hit and killed by a hit and run driver. Other motorists in Toronto drove around her body as she lay dying in the road.

An independent comparison between several major cities by Ian Dennis Miller shows that the data of pedestrian and cyclist deaths in Toronto is not slowing, but instead getting worse. Toronto is a world leader in these deaths and the only major city where the problem is getting worse, the study indicates Toronto is more dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists than each other city. As other cities make improvements to transportation, improve safety for pedestrian and cycling, Toronto is heading in the opposite direction. A direct outcome of a bias police force that refuses to do their duty of protecting its citizens.

Toronto leads world in poor road safety
Toronto leads world in poor road safety and aggressive driving

There are thousands of reports from Canadians on social media showing an unprecedented amount of unprovoked violence and aggression towards pedestrian and cyclists. Violence that falls on deaf ears when reported to Toronto Police.

Toronto Police Chief seems too incompetent to even admit there is problem

As deaths in Toronto continue to rise, the extent of the problem becomes more evident as a cultural one. Both the police and Canadians seem to routinely blame the cyclists, elderly slow walkers or people using ear pods for the increased deaths.

There are calls for the Toronto Police Chief to resign to help improve public safety in the city. Something that the current Mayor, John Tory and Mark Saunders seem inept at dealing with.

As well as accidents, there are also regular reports of road rage and cars intentionally running into people walking or on bikes. I guess if it not enforced and someone is in your way, why not run them over. Right? No.

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