Upload size limits for GIFs on social media

We all love sharing GIFs and in order to share your animated  GIFs on the internet via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you will need to keep the size of file low. So keep your GIF clips short as video uploads usually increase the size of a GIF file.

Here are the current size limits for uploading a GIF (graphic interchange format) to various social media networks. Last updated June 22nd 2020.

GIF upload limits

  • Imgur – 200 MB
  • Giphy – 100 MB
  • Twitter – 15 MB (5 MB on mobile device)
  • Facebook – 8 MB
  • Tumblr – 3 MB + Max 540 pixels

Twitter only allows 5 MB file size on mobile.

If your GIF file is too large, there are plenty of tools online available to help you compress the size so you may be able to have a version of the GIF that fits within the limits of social networks. Check our post on the Best tools to compress your GIF images. for step by step resources on reducing the size of animated images.

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