Stop The Spa at Ontario Place

Stop The Spa at Ontario Place

Ontario Place has always been a jewel in Toronto’s crown, offering a serene escape from the urban hustle and a unique space for public enjoyment and community events. The proposed Therme Spa and massive parking structure threaten to overshadow this legacy, turning a public treasure into a commercialized entity.

Here are some reasons why we should stand against this development:

  1. Environmental Impact: The construction and operation of such large structures will undoubtedly have environmental repercussions, potentially affecting the waterfront’s ecosystem and green spaces.
  2. Public Access: A commercial spa and vast parking facility may restrict public access to the waterfront, limiting the space available for community activities and free public enjoyment.
  3. Cultural Heritage: Ontario Place is a symbol of our city’s heritage and community spirit. Over-commercialization risks diluting this cultural significance.
  4. Traffic Congestion: A 5-story parking garage implies a significant increase in traffic, which could lead to congestion and pollution in what should be a tranquil, natural area.
  5. Alternative Development: There are more community-friendly ways to revitalize Ontario Place, such as enhancing green spaces, promoting cultural activities, and preserving its unique architectural heritage.

We urge city planners and decision-makers to reconsider this development. Let’s explore alternatives that align with the community’s needs and the environmental preservation of our waterfront.

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