Sarah Climenhaga for Mayor Campaign Launch


Date and time

Thu, 15 September 2022

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT


Taco Taco – Moonlight Lounge

319 Augusta Avenue

Toronto, ON M5T 1N9

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About this event

It’s party time! Come for an evening of fun, friends and festivity as we celebrate the kickoff to the fall election season.

Starting at 7, we’ll gather in the Moonlight Lounge, a private venue at the back of popular Kensington Market hotspot Taco Taco to share ideas, listen to live music, and meet old friends and new ones.

Here’s the line-up

7 pm – Enjoy the atmosphere, grab a drink and listen to the beautiful music of Elahe Hashemi as she invites you into the space.

7:30 pm – Welcome by Sarah Climenhaga

7:35 pm – Enjoy the melodic strains of Andrew Collins, lead singer and player of the Andrew Collins Trio

8:00 pm – Short speech and Q&A with Sarah

8:30 pm – Mingle at the back or dance at the front as the David Celia band takes the stage for a rocking set of live music

The music ends by 9:30, and doors close at 10 as you go back out into the world, inspired and energized to spread the word as a Sarah Climenhaga campaign ambassador until election day on October 24!

Your ticket comes with one free drink. If you are unable to pay, please email or come to the door by 7 pm for free admittance and you can choose whether or not to buy a drink on your own!

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