Meet Toronto’s mayoral candidates at the beach #TOpoli

Meet candidates

Join mayoral candidates for an 11am discussion and a 11:30 am barefoot pebble walk, water walk, and dip.
We plan to arrive at 10:30 am for some informal meet and greet and hang out together on the beach, and we’ll get started at exactly 11am on a discussion or 3 key issues:

(1) Future of Ontario Place;
(2) Water quality, stormwater, natural water treatment, Great Lakes, and Ontario as water capital of the world (with Toronto and OP, in particular, as its epicenter);
(3) Bridge or tunnel to Toronto Island, airport expansion or reduction, pedestrian right-of-way access from the existing

tunnel to Hanlan’s so that we can swim there without having to “pay the ferryman”, or other provisions for safe cleanwater swimming, e.g. temporary dock for Ontario Place East island swim entry outside the break wall.
Bring your bathing suit so you can dip your toes or wade into the water, but please note that there are no lifeguards on duty, so if you choose to swim, you do so at your own risk.

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