Meet Sarah Climenhaga at TeachBeach

Meet Sarah

Spend a Saturday at the beach with mayoral candidate Sarah Climenhaga, and learn about some of her excellent ideas for beach access, green and blue space, fitness, health, and wellbeing.

Enjoy Toronto’s cleanest beach, which is also Toronto’s only sandless (pebble) beach. We’ll be doing barefoot runs along the length of the beach for healthy feet, and pebbles make for a wonderful spa treatment, like psammotherapy but without the mess of sand.

If you plan to swim with us, it is a good idea to pull a safety visibility buoy (towfloat) or a brightly-colored paddleboard behind you, especially on longer swims out into open water. Safety first! Paddleboarders: remember to bring 2 lifejackets in case you onboard an extra passenger. Swim and paddle together in groups for safety.


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