So Famous Chinese Takeout

so famous

Situated in the heart of Toronto, So Famous is a beloved Chinese takeout restaurant that offers an innovative blend of traditional and modern Chinese cuisine. Located on Bloor St, we pride ourselves on our 9.7 rating and a menu that caters to every palate, dietary requirement, and level of culinary curiosity.

Our vast menu includes everything from hearty appetizers to innovative original dishes and revered traditional Chinese fare. Whether you’re a fan of our Hot & Sour Soup, crave the crispiness of our Secret Wings, or are more inclined towards our vegetarian options, we’ve got you covered. We take pride in our Noodle & Fried Rice dishes and the customizable options we provide. And for the ultimate feast, why not try our Tremendous Box?

We’re more than just your typical takeout restaurant; we’re a culinary experience. We reimagine classics, create original flavors, and strive to deliver a unique dining journey every time. Our food is crafted with love, attention to detail, and a passion for great taste, and we believe in making every dish a conversation starter.

Our dedication to quality extends to our choice of ingredients, and we’re proud to source and use only the finest available. This is evident in every bite, and it’s what makes us So Famous. So why wait? Start your order today and immerse yourself in a taste experience like no other.

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Dive into an authentic Chinese gastronomic journey at So Famous! Nestled at 366 Bloor St W, Toronto, this much-loved eatery has been delighting palates with its tempting array of mouth-watering dishes. Our menu seamlessly blends traditional Chinese culinary favorites with our uniquely inspired originals.
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