Dino Jump is now available on iOS and Android

Dino Jump

Immerse yourself in an exhilarating, casual mobile game where you command not just a single T-Rex, but an entire squad of five, sprinting through an ancient landscape, leaping over obstacles, and sidestepping perils.

Your objective is to navigate these majestic T-Rex’s through the hazardous terrain, demonstrating impeccable timing and swift reflexes to vault over cacti and dodge various dangers. The intuitive one-touch controls make mastering the gameplay mechanics a breeze, and you’ll be setting record-breaking scores before you know it.

However, be prepared, as the game intensifies and becomes progressively challenging with each level, demanding lightning-fast reflexes and instantaneous decision-making skills to keep up with the relentless action. The game, with its stunning visuals, heart-racing sound effects, and captivating gameplay, will unquestionably have you hooked, prompting repeated returns for more.

Why wait any longer? Download the game today on iOS or Android, and put your skills to the test. See if you have what it takes to rise to the rank of the ultimate dino champion!

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